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Medlinket's disposable NIBP cuff can effectively reduce the risk of pathogen infection in the hospital
MED-LINKET CORP | Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Nosocomial infection is an important factor affecting the quality of medical care, and it is also a decisive factor in evaluating and determining the quality of hospital medical care. Strengthening the control and supervision of hospital infection has become an important part of hospital management. In recent years, nosocomial infection management has received more and more attention, and effective prevention and control of nosocomial infection is the key to effectively improving the quality of medical care.

In the transmission vector of pathogenic bacteria in hospitals, due to the repeated use of  NIBP cuffs, such contact infection may become a common way of infectious pathogenic microorganisms in hospitals. According to related studies, most of the NIBP cuffs used in clinical departments are seriously polluted, and the bacteria detection rate is 40%. Especially in some key departments, such as delivery room, burn department, and ICU ward, the patient's resistance is low, and nosocomial infection is prone to occur, which increases the burden of patients.

In the monitoring of NIBP cuff contamination, the study found that the cuff contamination of sphygmomanometer is obviously closely related to the number of normal use, and is positively correlated. For example, pediatric sphygmomanometers are used the least, and the pollution is the lightest; the degree of cuff contamination is related to usual cleaning and disinfection For example, although the sphygmomanometer is used more frequently in the internal medicine ward, the pollution situation in this department is much lighter than that in the surgery and obstetrics department due to frequent cleaning and ultraviolet disinfection.

Therefore, in different departments, different cleaning requirements need to be met to meet the needs of sanitary infection management and control. NIBP measurement is the most commonly used clinical vital sign monitoring method, and the NIBP cuff is an indispensable tool for NIBP measurement. In order to reduce the cross-infection of pathogens in the hospital, the following suggestions are given:

1. The reusable NIBP cuff is sterilized by ultraviolet light once a day, and the health management department regularly inspects it to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfection and the implementation of the system.

2. Before using the sphygmomanometer, put NIBP cuff protective cover on the NIBP cuff, and change it regularly after using it for a period of time.

3. Use disposable NIBP cuff, single patient use, regular replacement.

The disposable NIBP cuff developed by Medlinket can effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection in the hospital. Disposable non-woven NIBP cuff, non-woven material, with good biocompatibility, soft and comfortable, latex-free, no biological hazard to the skin, right. It is suitable for burns, open surgery, neonatology, infectious diseases and other susceptible patients.

Medlinket's disposable NIBP cuff can effectively reduce the risk of pathogen infection in the hospital

One-time comfortable NIBP cuff for newborns, specially designed for newborns, made of TPU material, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. The transparent design of the cuff is convenient for observing the baby's skin condition, convenient for timely adjustment and providing effective clinical reference. It can be applied to neonatal burns, open surgery, infectious diseases and other susceptible patients.

Medlinket's disposable NIBP cuff can effectively reduce the risk of pathogen infection in the hospital

Medlinket has been providing medical cable assembly design and production support for a long time. We have experienced engineers and designers work closely together to develop a disposable NIBP cuff that is less invasive and more convenient to use for patients. Medical work is easier, people are more relaxed!


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